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Site Selection

ALADN Hosting for 2017 Opportunity

Is your institution interested in making a proposal to host the ALADN 2017 conference? This is a great opportunity to showcase your city and host a valuable conference on library development.

ALADN is piloting a more formal structure to help potential hosting institutions understand and anticipate the responsibilities that come along with hosting the conference.  A Site Selection Committee has been formed to work with institutions that would like to make a 2017 hosting presentation/proposal at the upcoming conference.

This Committee is not intended to select the site, but rather to help administer the selection process and answer questions that potential hosting institutions may have. The Committee will also conduct the final site selection vote at the April conference.

If your institution or a group of institutions would like to be considered as a host for ALADN 2017, please click here to apply.

A proposal should consider:

  • Your ability to negotiate and contract with a local hotel for a room block, meeting rooms, and meals;
  • Your institution’s ability to manage registration payments, hotel and restaurant invoices (including any alcohol included);
  • Vendor sponsorship solicitation;
  • Staffing to lead local hosting needs (registration desk, restaurant and meal negotiation, giveaways, accommodations for speakers, etc.)

Our goal in piloting this process is to help potential hosting institutions more fully understand the commitment, streamline the hosting process, improve communication between conferences and hosting institutions, and to develop a structure and documented history of budgets, procedures, and committee charges to sustain ALADN conferences in the future.

Please send any questions or concerns to Rodney Henshaw at:

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